Digital DriveStyle

In-Car Device Redesign

The main goal for this project was to refresh and redesign the existing visual design. It was outdated, about 2 years old, with an excessive use of gradients, reflections, and ornaments. This concept demo was presented as part of a series of innovation projects developed for the CES Las Vegas at the Mercedes-Benz R&D booth in 2015.

Focussing in a reduction of ornamentation, a clearer hierarchy with emphasis on content, motion and depth through animating backgrounds.

One of the challenges was to keep in mind the objectives of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, oriented towards long-term effect rather than short-lived trends. The major constraint was to focus the interaction through the COMAND rotary knob as control, which allows the user safer interaction without taking their eyes off the road.

  • Category: IVI
  • Client: MBRDNA
  • Delivered: 2014